Humberto Rodríguez Figueroa

Humberto Rodríguez Figueroa

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Humberto Rodríguez

Personal Info

Name: Humberto Rodríguez
Date of birth: 6 December 1973
Nationality: Mexican
Location: San Diego, CA
Skype: plazanetwork
Phone: +1 (858) 869 1712





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About Me

I can help you build a strong web presence for your business through design, web development, and consulting services.

What I Do

I design web pages to create online businesses. Once they are ready to get traffic, conversions, and sales thanks to organic search engine optimization, I manage them to boost their growth with paid advertising on the main search engines and promotion on social networks where it suits best.

Understanding SEO and SEM allowed me to grow my business on the Internet, and now I am a fan of funnels and e-commerce.

My Web Skills

Server Managment with WHM / cPanel 95%
Web Design with WordPress 95%
Online Stores Development with WooCommerce 95%
Inbound Marketing and Automation 80%
Social Media Managment 70%
Adobe Software 80%
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 90%
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & PPC Managment 90%
PLAZANETWORK Agencia Digital

San Diego, California.

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